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Migration Services

Migrate VB6 to .NET

Reduce Costs and Increase ROI with the latest .NET Framework.

Migrate VFP to .NET

Don’t let your application become a liability with a discontinued technology.

Migrate ASP to .NET

Move your Classic ASP Applications to the latest ASP.NET Framework.

Migrate Access to .NET

Update your core data, application & database to a powerful platform.

About Macrosoft

About us

Macrosoft is a leading-edge software design and development company. We specialize in migrating legacy ASP, VB6, VFP and Access applications to the modern .NET framework. Our highly experienced migration team is well-versed in legacy languages, modern UI/UX, and the .NET industry best practices. Additionally, we have an in-house suite of migration automation tools that increase the efficiency by up to 30%.

Great place to work Certified

This powerful combination of business experience and technological expertise allows us to provide our clients best-in-class solutions for their migration and transformation projects.

Macrosoft delivers high-quality, cost-effective, full life-cycle solutions to complex software development projects. The company has over two decades of successful engagements and over 450 professionals working for an exceptional client list.

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