DATA MORPH : Automated migration of VFP DB to SQL Server

DATA MORPH : Automated migration of VFP DB to SQL Server

DataMorph migrates VFP DBC/Free tables to Microsoft SQL Server, via a fully automated visual process.
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Migrate FoxPro Applications to Web

Migrate FoxPro Applications to Web

5-Step Methodology for Successful Migration
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MS Access to SQL Migrations

MS Access to SQL Migrations

Choose secure, fast and low-risk database migration.
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VFP to .NET Migration

VFP to .NET Migration

Seamlessly migrate your VFP application to .NET with zero down time.
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Modernizing FoxPro Legacy Application

Modernizing FoxPro Legacy Application

The first Important Step – Rationalization
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Reduce Costs and Increase ROI with latest .NET Framework
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Don’t let y our application become a liability with a discontinued technology
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Reduce Costs and Increase ROI with latest .NET Framework
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Update your core data, application & database to a powerful platform
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Dont be left behind with obsolete programming languages like Clipper
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Access to SQL Migration

SQL Server provides a more robust, stable, scalable and powerful platform.

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Clipper Migration

Helps in retaining your old logic with new database and technology.

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VFP to .NET Migration

Macrosoft offers smooth, cost-effective and efficient migration to .NET framework.

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VB6 to .NET Migration

Macrosoft offers the most cost-effective, efficient VB6 to .NET Migration migration solution.

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The ROI Calculator - Converting Your VFP Code

ROI calculator simulates the potential financial return on investment that you could realize by converting your VFP applications. With our extensive experience in conversion, we have found a whole slew of ways to improve the conversion process and to make the resultant system ever more robust.

Specialized Team - Solid Track Record -Trusted Methodologies

Macrosoft’s Migrate to .NET team are experts at migrating applications of all sizes. We understand your business and technical requirements, develop a migration strategy suited to your business, provide you options, use highly specialized development and migration team to build and thoroughly test your new application. As a Microsoft gold Certified Partners our team has the latest scoop on emerging .NET development trends.
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Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix -Easy to use utility that enables you to quickly Analyze your Visual FoxPro Application and generate a summary report

Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix scans the Forms (*.scx), Menus (*.mnx), Class Libraries (*.vcx), Programs (*.prg), includes (*.h), and Reports (*.frx) of your application and generate a detail report.

Migration Bulletin

Read new topics on our expert migration blog.

Visual FoxPro In 2019

2019 has seen many new technological advancements making it imperative for businesses to modernize their Visual FoxPro (VFP) applications. Rapid technological advancements have started taking a toll at companies still relying on legacy FoxPro applications. ...


Data: A frequently ignored element during digital transformations

Data: A frequently ignored element during digital transformations Macrosoft’s digital transformation and application migration practice is contacted frequently by clients with legacy applications. Most of these clients have spent years thinking about a potential migration before ...


Compatibility of VFP on Windows 8 and 10

Windows 8 and 10 are not very different from previous versions. Sometimes Visual FoxPro (VFP) may not run as expected when it comes to different versions of Windows. FoxPro for windows acts more like an ...


Classic ASP to .NET conversion

The move to make an ASP to .NET conversion is a big step whichever way you look at it. There are important decisions to be made and many pitfalls to be avoided. It is important ...

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