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Migrate VB6 to .NET

Reduce Costs and Increase ROI with the latest .NET Framework.

Migrate VFP to .NET

Don’t let your application become a liability with a discontinued technology.

Migrate ASP to .NET

Move your Classic ASP Applications to the latest ASP.NET Framework.

Migrate Access to .NET

Update your core data, application & database to a powerful platform.

Migrate Visual Basic 6 to .NET

Migrate Visual Basic 6 to .NET

Migrating legacy applications is a common necessity in modern development. Converting VB6 to VB.NET is a crucial step to leverage .NET's advanced features. Tools like VB6 to VB.NET code converters simplify this transition by automating the conversion process. Additionally, for those are looking to switch languages, options are available to convert VB6 to C#. This ensures code modernization and improved maintainability. VB6 to VB.NET conversion not only enhances performance but also aligns with the current technological standards. Thus, understanding how to migrate VB6 to VB.NET or convert VB6 to C# is essential for keeping software up-to-date and efficient.


Migrate Visual FoxPro to .NET

Migrating from Visual FoxPro to .NET is a crucial step for modernizing legacy applications. The process of Visual FoxPro conversion involves transferring data, application logic, and user interfaces to a more contemporary and scalable framework. Migrating Visual FoxPro to .NET enhances performance, security, and integration capabilities. VFP to .NET migration allows leveraging the robust features of the .NET ecosystem, such as improved database management, enhanced user experiences, and better support for web and mobile applications. Utilizing specialized tools and services can streamline the conversion, ensuring a smooth transition where the newly migrated system meets current business requirements and future growth.

Migrate Visual FoxPro to .NET
Migrate Classic ASP to .Net

Migrate Classic ASP to .Net

Migrating applications is a critical task in modern software development. While transitioning from ASP.NET MVC to ASP.NET Core, database migration becomes essential. ASP.NET Core migration streamlines this process by using Entity Framework Core. This ensures seamless data migration and schema updates. ASP.NET MVC migrations involve using Entity Framework with some differences in configuration and tooling. Handling ASP.NET DB migration effectively reduces downtime and preserves data integrity. Overall, understanding the nuances of ASP.NET Core migration, ASP.NET MVC migrations, and ASP.NET DB migration is crucial for maintaining robust and scalable applications.


Migrate Access Database to SQL Server

Migrating an Access database to SQL Server involves several key steps. Converting Access to SQL Server enhances database performance and reliability. The process of SQL Server migration requires careful planning and execution. Tools designed for SQL DB migration can simplify and expedite the process. Following best practices for migrating Access databases to SQL Server ensures businesses a smooth transition with minimal disruption. Proper data validation and testing are essential to fully utilize the new, robust SQL environment during the migration to SQL Server.

Migrate Access Database to SQL Server

Migrate To .NET Tools

Migrate To .NET Bulletin

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About Macrosoft

About Macrosoft

Macrosoft is a leading-edge software design and development company. We specialize in migrating legacy ASP, VB6, VFP and Access applications to the modern .NET framework. Our highly experienced migration team is well-versed in legacy languages, modern UI/UX, and the .NET industry best practices. Additionally, we have an in-house suite of migration automation tools that increase the efficiency ranging from 60% to 80%.

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This powerful combination of business experience and technological expertise allows us to provide our clients best-in-class solutions for their migration and transformation projects.

Macrosoft delivers high-quality, cost-effective, full life-cycle solutions to complex software development projects. The company has over two decades of successful engagements and over 450 professionals working for an exceptional client list.

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