An ASP-based approach to development comes with a wide array of innovative capabilities. With each new release, the ASP.NET framework becomes more stable—this is why business owners opt for ASP.NET web development. Currently, there is a huge number of individual engineers and software development companies which use ASP.NET as their ideal web development platform. Internet resource company BuiltWith, claims that almost 40 million websites are built using ASP.NET.

So, what are the advantages of ASP.NET?

1. ASP.NET requires less coding for application development. Moreover, ASP.NET enables developers and users to build a variety of web solutions like: Web-based applications, business and corporate sites, social networking sites, and custom CRM/CRM systems.

2. Out of box tools like native optimization, early binding and caching services. Additionally, Microsoft guaranteed dependability and security. Microsoft included built-in Windows authentication, form authentication and per-application configuration.

3. You can reuse a large library of built-in classes. This significantly reduces the amount of coding required. ASP.NET enables programmers and developers to write less code for both Web Forms and Web pages.

4. ASP.NET supports common language runtime—because of that, it can support several languages, such as C#, VB and more. Additionally, another benefit of ASP.NET is that cross-platform migration, conformation, and deployment procedures are easy to execute.

5. Execution is fast. The ASP application is located in a server, in compiled form—thus reducing response time. Moreover, ASP.NET is regularly upgraded to meet the most up-to-date technology requirements. It also allows all processes to be intelligently separated without diminishing efficacy.

To recap, ASP.NET web development is worth trying due to the wide-ranging choice of solutions. Since its release in 2002, ASP.NET has expanded and integrated safe, simple and effective solutions. Here at Macrosoft, we have been working with .NET for 16 years. We have a talented development team, who are incredibly proficient and adept at delivering functional, high quality web applications in a fast and cost-effective way.

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