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Most Important Features

Eliminate Wasted Time

Eliminate time spent by developers to understand and write a process to import the FoxPro data into Target (MS-SQL / MySQL / MongoDB / PostgreSQL) database.

User-friendly interface

Application is easy to use having properly labeled controls. The buttons and other controls are enabled when the required prior selection has been made.

Free Tables Selection

Selection of free tables or database - the user can select a set of FREE VFP tables or databases.

Pre-validation of the tables

User has to validate the selected VFP tables to check that no corrupt tables exist in DB.

Easy detection

Application can detect all Target Servers available easily.

Database Connectivity

Connects to Target server - allows connection to Target Server via Windows authentication or SQL authentication using User Id and Password.

Data Type Mapping

Configure the Target Data Type mapping - the user can change the VFP to Target data type mapping.

Deleted Records

Imports deleted records - option is available to include or exclude the VFP removed records.

Exception Handling

Catches all exceptions and allows to fix them interactively - all exceptions when added into SQL are recorded, and the user can edit and correct the data interactively.

Detailed Log

Generation of Time, Export and Error logs - log files are available that shows the time, details and errors.


DataMorph can be customized according to individual customer requirements.

We believe implementing DataMorph tool in a typical Visual FoxPro migration project will reduce the overall effort & cost drastically.

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