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Why Migrate Your Access Database

24/7 Cloud availability, cross-device availability, Big Data and predictive analytics have revolutionized the way companies do business. This requires a larger and powerful database engine for applications. Faster query speeds and the ability to access large datasets is a standard requirement. Rapidly growing data requires large databases that scale well and support a large number of concurrent users.

Access databases were a popular tool to build desktop-based applications with less than 2GB data. If your business-critical application is still running on Access database, you probably realize that it is pushing its limits and not meeting your business needs. Migration is necessary and critical to keep your business rolling.

SQL Server-A Great Choice for Access Database Migration

MS SQL Server provides performance, scalability, and speed when compared with MS Access database. SQL Server enables creation of terabyte-sized databases. This fits your expanding data stores to explore the possibilities of business analytics. SQL Server efficiently handles various queries in parallel by using multi-threading within a single process. Moreover, SQL provides role-based security integrated with the Windows operating system. SQL Server handles transactions with a two-phase commit. Furthermore, it engages several replication models. SQL Server supports round the clock availability and back up of your databases while they are running. SQL Server database can be brought back online quickly during system crashes or power outage without data loss.

What it Takes to Migrate

Access to SQL Server migration can be done using tools available in the market. However, the process requires skilled resources with sound technical knowledge in Access and SQL Server. Challenges faced in each conversion are unique. An experienced migration partner like Macrosoft can take you through it with 100% success.  

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