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Being able to gauge the risk and effort of a migration project is key when developing a solid migration plan with a realistic time frame, resource demand and effort expectations. Macrosoft’s FoxPro Code Matrix analyzer tool enables you to quickly analyze your Visual FoxPro Application and generate a summary report immediately. Simply put, it creates a spreadsheet to define the technical difficulty of the migration (e.g., number of reports, forms, menus, etc.). Code Matrix can project the risks involved, identifies data migration issues, and other UI parameters, to create a realistic estimate and timeline for migration.

As you begin to consider migrating an older application to newer technology, Macrosoft’s FoxPro Code Matrix analyzer tool can be highly useful for your organization. Code Matrix can help your organization determine whether your VFP application, which was limited to a desk application, can now become a web-based application or a hybrid desktop/web application. If your organization prefers to move to a web-based application, then migrate from VFP to ASP.NET. Otherwise, if you wish to stay with the desktop application, convert VFP to C#. By changing the VFP database to a SQL Server or similar databases, one can leverage the complete power of moving VFP to a .NET framework. Also, hosting the database in the cloud provides the ability to access the application globally, 24/7.

Download and run the free FoxPro Code Matrix utility on your current FoxPro application to see the valuable information it can provide. After all the files in the project have been analyzed, the application generates the metrics for the project, as a printable report.

One of the reports the utility generates is an estimate for effort migration. Another output is a detailed spreadsheet which breaks down the application’s structure and serves as a starting point for the development team.

Spend less time analyzing and more time on productivity

The detailed summary report generated by the FoxPro Code Matrix analyzer tool provides valuable information on the metrics of the project, enabling analysts and developers alike to continue to optimize their application. Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix scans the Forms (*.scx), Menus (*.mnx), Class Libraries (*.vcx), Programs (*.prg), Includes (*.h), and Reports (*.frx) of your application and generates a detailed report showing:

Total number of lines of source code

Number of methods

Number of forms

Number of tables

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