Visual FoxPro end of life does not mean the end of your business. What it does mean though is a new way of life for your business. Translating your VFP applications to .NET environment should be handled carefully as there are chances of some pitfalls.

The phasing out of Visual FoxPro may impact your business if you don’t necessary steps to migrate to .NET environment. As the support for VFP ends with announcement from Microsoft, it is not advisable to continue with the outdated technology for your business critical applications. It is important for each person and staff involved in your business should be clear with their role and update with necessary changes. The application needs to be migrated to the .NET environment and each functionality should be thoroughly verified to the requirements. You should be clear with your goals and requirements related to VFP migration.

In our research, the phasing out of Visual FoxPro will often address huge pain-points of the present system, whether for sales, customers, administrators, or support staff. Three things every company should focus on when it comes to Visual FoxPro end life are:

  • Define Metrics

After documenting raw numbers to show the size of the project, you should consider the project’s technical difficulty. Case in point, a project using VFP data settings with remote views to a SQL Server database in all of its measures will be easier to translate to .NET than one that opens local tables indiscriminately throughout the code.

  • Define Schedule

As with metrics, a clear agenda helps give your mission insight and lucidity. Schedules will vary with project objectives, limitations, and philosophies. At the moment, the schedule is not a timeline with deadlines and mileposts. Rather, it purposes as a plan that you can connect and monitor, providing administration with status and insight into the development.

Visual FoxPro has now become an outdated technology and this urges the need for many companies running their mission critical applications to migrate to the stable .NET environment. If you are consultant familiar with VFP to .NET migration projects, it is important for you to specify the deadlines for the applications running in VFP.

To learn more about Visual FoxPro end of life, watch our video blog!

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