Let’s see what are the basic advantages of using ASP.NET in web development:

The ASP.NET framework works over the internet services and the websites creating as many projects as required by running on the same server. ASP.NET Web Forms provide drag and drop controls which integrates well with third-party solutions and automatically generates essential HTML and JavaScript required for development. A combination of ASP.NET and HTML facilitates in generating dynamic web pages easily. ASP.NET have their own built-in configuration and caching feature that makes it easy to deploy. As the content and program logic are separated in the .NET framework, programmers no longer need to write long lines of codes for developing large applications. ASP.NET being an ideal server-side scripting technology, allows its codes to initially run on Windows and finally be displayed on the web browser. As the .NET framework is language independent, developers can choose any programming language that best suits their application development needs.

ASP.NET development should be carried out considering the best practices in the development process. With the ASP.NET server-side framework, the web development process for creating dynamic web pages has become easier. With the introduction of ASP.NET core, building modern cloud-based web apps, IoT apps and mobile backends have never been so flexible.

Comparing to Classic ASP, ASP.NET web application framework is more influential and authoritative. For building robust and reliable applications, the usability aspects of ASP.NET should be learned.

Let’s go through the key aspects of ASP.NET development:

Do background Research before starting Development

It is always advisable to research on ASP.NET web development before starting your project. The pros and cons of ASP.NET web development should be analyzed to find out the best-suited solution. By leveraging the layering approach to separate data access, business and presentation layers helps in attaining better performance and code maintenance. This will also help in reducing the lines of code for better scalability.

Optimize Performance by minimizing View State impact

During ASP.NET web development, View State is used by the Server control primarily on pages posting data to themselves. This will impact the performance as View state may cause needless overhead on web pages. Although, View state is turned on automatically. It is preferred to turn View state off during development for better performance.

Utilize Session variables only when required

Session variables should be carefully handled by maintaining a reasonable session time-out. Otherwise, this will consume a good space in server memory. The data storage in session variables can impact the performance of the server, so it is preferable to disable the same if you don’t need it in the application.

Each of the three frameworks Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web Pages targets a different development style. Based on the type of application being created one chooses the combination of programming assets and the development approach they are comfortable with. All the three .NET frameworks share the same facilities for managing requests, handling sessions, and so on that are part of the core ASP.NET functionality. Irrespective of the framework chosen, one is assured to continue to be supported, updated, and improved with every release of ASP.NET.

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