ASP Migration Advantage

Why Migrate ASP Applications

Migrating your ASP web applications to ASP.NET is like going from black and white television to HD 3D. ASP is a script programming language, whereas ASP.NET is a whole new way of doing web development. .NET applications designed with ASP are still functional, but moving to ASP.NET has numerous advantages.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio IDE enables better design and configuration
  • Support of a modern framework, MVC, Entity framework and Web APIs
  • Multiple .NET compatible development languages
  • Whole array of available server-side controls
  • During the .NET migration process old code can run side-by-side with the new code
  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Event-driven programming
  • Easier debugging and tracing
  • Better performance with compiled code
ASP Application Migration Inevitable for Business Growth

In conclusion, migrating applications from ASP to ASP.NET and adapting them to fit your evolving business needs, requires extensive redesign and development. However, it has the potential to improve usability, performance and functionality.

Classic ASP to ASP.NET Migration Case Study

An industry leader in the Promotional Products business, faced challenges in their live websites built in Classic ASP and VBScript. This impacted their business in work distribution, web analytics and user information security. Macrosoft migrated their old system to ASP.NET to help them realize their business goals.

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