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Visual FoxPro was a dynamic development platform used for many of mission-critical applications. Unfortunately, the time has come to move on from Visual FoxPro to .NET frameworks. Modern .NET frameworks allow developers to create a wide array of applications from the web to mobile, and even Windows-based applications. At Macrosoft, we believe the logical solution is to migrate to a .NET Framework.

Here are some of the features that make .NET “The Technology of Choice” for application modernization:

  • Multiple Language Support – The .NET framework provides language interoperability (conformity), enabling developers to leverage the best features across multiple programming languages. Common language interoperability allows for the reuse of code, as much as possible, thus improving the efficiency of the development process. There are several tools and language compilers that benefit from the common language runtime. Irrespective of the language and code, the runtime can seamlessly manage the execution of multi-language applications, as the information is stored and retrieved in the same manner.
  • Rich Supporting Functionality – The .NET framework also provides a large, rich library of integrated tools like Visual Studio Intergraded Development Environment and Microsoft SQL, which enable developers to create applications that run on the CLR platform. Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment comes with new features, a redesigned IDE which provides direct access to .NET framework components. Additionally, it comes along with various new settings and resource architecture.
  • Compatible Database – The Visual FoxPro relational database ports well, suiting SQL Server, and facilitating easy conversion of FoxPro database to SQL Server. SQL Server is a scalable, hybrid database used to retrieve large amounts of records quickly and efficiently. With the SQL server, it is easier to manage database as there is no need to write a substantial amount of code. Migrating to an SQL server means being able to handle huge tables (which can exceed 2 GB) and improved security options. Mapping individual tables and data synchronization is flexible and easy when it comes to SQL server.
  • Platform Independent – The .NET framework supports web, mobile and client-server environments giving developers the ability to build robust applications. Using the Microsoft Common Language Infrastructure developers can write programs which are capable of porting onto a new platform. With the .NET implementation open sourced, porting it onto other platforms has never been so easy.
  • Sound Technical Knowledge – Strong expertise in Visual FoxPro and the .NET languages is required for a successful migration. You need an experienced migration team with a strong knowledge of both programming languages and relational database management. A successful migration team should be comprised of the best of both worlds, with a sound understanding of Visual FoxPro and .NET languages.
  • Provisions Future Upgrade – Migration from Visual FoxPro to .NET paves the way for future changes and enhancements. With every new version, Microsoft is helping developers get a better hand on the latest updates and functionalities.

For years, Macrosoft successfully migrated several Visual FoxPro applications to a modern .NET framework. Our exceptionally talented team is well versed in both Visual FoxPro and .NET. We also provide a pre-migration assessment that allows decision makers to analyze and assess the costs and benefits of migrating their Visual FoxPro applications.

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