Migration Tools

Macrosoft is a leader in .NET transformations for the past 12 years. Our experience with complex migration projects over the years, inspired our team to develop a set of automation tools to increase efficiency and accuracy in migration projects. These tools automate a variety of migration tasks that when manually done are very time-consuming, at the click of a button. Macrosoft’s proprietary suite of tools give us the efficiency advantage and set us apart in the migration industry. 

Macrosoft code matrix tool

Code Matrix

Macrosoft’s FoxPro Code Matrix analyzer tool is an easy to use, one-click utility which enables you to quickly analyze your Visual FoxPro Application and generate a summary report immediately. FoxPro Code Matrix version 3.0, identifies non-compliant General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data and suggest ways to make the data compliant. 

DB Analyzer

Macrosoft’s DB Analyzer tool is a free utility that determines the volume of your Visual FoxPro database by identifying the number of databases, tables, indexes, fields and by capturing the detail on referential integrity between key data elements. 

Macrosoft DB analyzer tool

Data Morph

Data Morph enables clients to migrate their Visual FoxPro database directly into a SQL Server database in a fully automated visual process. This tool is highly flexible to accommodate different VFP table structures. Users can quickly select the VFP tables and transform them into the new SQL database.

Code Morph

Code Morph is an automation tool for use in VFP Code Conversions. This tool makes the process of converting a large VFP application to the .NET framework by generating modern .NET code that conforms to the latest architectural frameworks recommended by Microsoft. 

Code morph

CodeMorph Sandbox

Sandbox is an automated VFP source code analyzer and C# code generator tool to assist developers in VFP migration projects. The tool has a simple user interface with a powerful code analysis and a generation engine at its core. The C#.NET can be plugged directly into Visual Studio to cut down on development time in large migration projects.  

GDPR Compliance

GDPR is a privacy and security standard that went into effect in 2018. It mandates consumer data privacy, protection and transparency in how companies retain such data. More and more US based businesses are realizing the ROI setback due to being left behind. Macrosoft migrates legacy data in compliance with GDPR requirements to get businesses ready for the future. 

Macrosoft DB Analyzer Tool GDPR
Macrosoft VFP Migration ROI Calculator Tool

VFP Conversion ROI Calculator

VFP conversion ROI calculator simulates the potential financial return on investment by converting your VFP applications. In addition, learn how and why conversion boosts productivity and generate savings within the first year after implementation. Your new system will transform your business by improving process efficiency while reducing IT costs.


SpecGenerator is an automated application analysis tool that parses the legacy application code and generates documentation. This document generator creates human-readable specification documents by reading VFP forms, programs, and classes code.