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Automating VFP Code Analysis

Code Matrix is Macrosoft’s proprietary VFP application analysis tool. It analyzes your VFP application and produces a comprehensive matrix containing important metrics like lines of codes and charts out the complexity of the application. This information is important in coming up with an estimate of the project complexity, duration and cost. This facilitates clients in making an educated decision while choosing which migration strategy is best for their business.  

VFP to .NET Migration Strategies

Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix tool is highly useful for your organization, as you explore migration options. Here are some strategies to consider:  

  • If your preference is to transition to a web-based application, then migrate VFP to ASP.NET. 
  • Otherwise, if you wish to stay with the desktop application, convert VFP to C#.  
  • By changing the VFP database to SQL Server or similar databases, you can leverage the complete power of moving VFP to the .NET framework. Also, hosting the database in the cloud provides the option of accessing the application globally all round the clock. 

Using the Code Matrix Tool

Estimating the effort and risk of a migration project is key to developing a solid migration plan. It is important to know what metrics you should consider in order to draw up a good estimate. Macrosoft’s FoxPro Code Matrix tool generates a code matrix to accurately estimate migration projects. Code Matrix creates a spreadsheet to define the technical complexity of the migration such as the number of reports, forms, menus and other components. It identifies the project risks involved, data migration issues, and other UI parameters to facilitate in the process of creating a realistic effort estimate and timeline. 

Download and run the free FoxPro Code Matrix utility on your current FoxPro application to see for yourself the valuable information it can provide. After all files in the project have been analyzed, the application generates the metrics for the project as a printable report. 

 The tool generates a summary report for each project which provides enough information to the Analyst to estimate migration effort. Another output is a detailed spreadsheet which breaks down the application’s structure and serves as a starting point for the development team. 

Download FoxPro Code Matrix Tool

Macrosoft’s FoxPro Code Matrix analyzer tool is an easy to use, one-click utility which enables you to quickly analyze your Visual FoxPro Application and generate a summary report.

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