Convert VFP Code to C#.Net

During a modernization project an important step is for the developers to convert segments of VFP code to the C#.NET framework.  Macrosoft’s proprietary utility, CodeMorph – Sandbox makes this possible. 

Sandbox is an online VFP to C# converter that has a very simple interface with two panels. The user (developer) enters the source VFP code in the left-hand panel and Sandbox analysis and code generation engine outputs the C# code in the right-hand panel.   

The developer locates the legacy VFP application source code file.  The code is copied to the “Input VFP Code” section. Now the user simply hits the Translate to C#.NET button. 

SandBox begins analyzing the code, translating every line and converting to C# with references to .NET classes. 

The converted code appears in the right-hand pane. Simultaneously error logs are generated in the bottom pane. This is critical to developers and allows them to quickly review and fix the errors.  

Macrosoft migration tool code morph sandbox

Try SandBox Free

Click here to access the Code Morph Sandbox and try converting your Visual FoxPro code to C#.NET online.

Convert Code

CodeMorph Sandbox is one of the utilities in Macrosoft’s suite of Propriety modernization tools. If you wish to convert your entire application code including forms and database, contact us.

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