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Macrosoft has years of proven experience in migrating modest sized to very large VFP legacy applications. This have helped us to device our own indigenous tools that reduces the conversion costs and timelines for migration projects. We put forth the methodology that our clients have embraced us for all their VFP conversion projects. Clients mainly opt for two types of VFP transformation - Apples to Apples Conversion or Customization Implementation. This is typically based on the ease of usability or advanced functionality requirements as per their business needs.

We employ the following methodology in our VFP to .NET migration projects:

1. Analyzing the Legacy Application – We perform an in-depth study of the legacy application using our SpecGenerator tool, which captures all the functional requirements by reading the VFP codes.

2. Migrating the Database – Macrosoft’s vDBF Converter migrates VFP database structure with all associated indexes and constrain into a Microsoft SQL database.

3. Finalizing the Layout – With a clearer picture of what is required, we design the new framework by considering the functional requirements.

4. Implementation based on Business – VFP application may be migrated to a (web or desktop) .NET application based on the business requirements of the client.

Our proven repeatable methodology ensures for a smooth and effective VFP to .NET transformation that is highly appreciated by our clients.

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