Moving Beyond Visual Basic 6

Where were you in May 1991? If you happen to be working for Microsoft at that time you would’ve been part of the excitement of Visual Basic 1.0 being released for the first time. Throughout the next eight years, a new version of VB was released every 1 to 2 years with the last version Visual Basic 6.0 released in the summer of 1998.

Visual Basic dramatically changed computer programming. It was modular, relatively easy to learn and was simple to use compared to other programming languages in the 1990s. It was derived from Basic and provided a Graphical User interface to access databases, objects, and controls.

Why is it inevitable to migrate your Visual Basic application?

End of Support for Visual Basic and advantages of moving to .NET platform

Visual Basic 1.0-6.0 were so popular during boom of the 1990s and early 2000s that applications were built for virtually all industries covering a wide array purposes and functions. Unfortunately, good things come to an end. All versions of visual basic from VB 1.0-6.0 were retired into 2008 by Microsoft. So, since that point they are no longer supported.

VB 6.0 has been out of support for 10 years now, yet many sophisticated mission critical applications continue to run on it, while supporting business operations. Why? Well, in the words of a client, “It is simple… they continue to work like a champ”.

For whatever reason, be it retirement of the development force, wanting to build out new functions & capabilities, or ensuring compliance with security audits; companies are facing the reality that they need to find a way to move beyond Visual Basic 6.0.

At Macrosoft, we have expert teams and proven methodologies designed to support a logical, phased migration from a working legacy application to a new modern technology architecture. We use a “like-to-like” modernization approach to allow complete parallel testing, followed by system and enhancements in a second phase of the project.

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