Global Delivery Framework

Macrosoft Global Delivery Framework

How Macrosoft’s Global Delivery Framework is Keeping Costs Down in Migration Projects

Over the past twelve years Macrosoft has developed and enhanced our proprietary Global Delivery Framework. We utilize this framework to lead software development projects using a team that is distributed globally.  Each team member works seamlessly with their colleagues focusing on their expertise as to what they do best rather than where they are physically located. 

Macrosoft has developed a robust process that keeps costs down by having direct client interaction led by our US project managers with skilled developers, software engineers, database administrators and testers based in our international operations.

Our international operations have the skilled development teams and our US team has the client engaged project managers.

These teams collaborate using a scrum/agile approach each person knows what each member is doing and collectively driving toward delivering optimal results for our clients.

Many companies have tried to develop a hand-off between time zones to allow projects to be worked 24 hours a day, delivering work from one location to another using a follow-the-sun model.  Macrosoft has found these frequent hand-offs can be points of failure or cause development delays as efforts and knowledge needs to be shifted from one person to the next.  Rather than using this follow the sun approach, we have developed centers of excellence where teams of similar skilled resources work together in a collaborative work environment.  This permits effective knowledge sharing and best practices for our clients.  As such our different technology teams can all support each other ensuring they stay informed of the latest tools, trends and developments.

 Access to highly skilled, cost effective resources enables Macrosoft to provide services to its our clients and partners at an optimal cost, using a combination of more expensive local professionals combined with less expensive offshore resources.  But we ensure there is never an impact on quality.  The cost savings allows us to invest in the proper testing and documentation throughout the project while staying well within both the project budget and schedule.

Macrosoft’s global delivery framework enables us to respond quickly to changing customer requirements.

Optimize and Modernize Your Application Through Digital Transformations

At Macrosoft, we focus on 14 technologies and software design services. These are Containers, Microservices, Restful API’s, Software Development Management, Elastic Stack, Queues, Centralized Security, Design Patterns, Analytical Reporting, Machine Learning, Cloud, Advanced Testing, Continuous Deployment, and Third Party/Cloud Services.

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