Testing Methodology

Testing methodology

Testing- The Key to Success

At the start of any migration or new development software project, project teams all agree that thorough testing is required.  So, if everyone agrees it is important why does it often get short changed during the development effort.

An important benefit of Macrosoft conversion projects is that we create detailed set of test cases for the new application. Clients, being the owners of the application, take these test cases and use them in their final testing of the application.

Creating A Winning Test Strategy

The Macrosoft migration team performs legacy code analysis and prepares detailed test cases for each screen. These test cases cover the user interface functionalities and business rules. Once the development team completes a module, Macrosoft Quality

Assurance (QA) team perform the detailed testing of screens using the defined test cases.

At the same time Macrosoft QA team executes and tests the legacy and new applications side by side to make sure the results match.  Macrosoft only releases the modules to client once these are completely tested and signed off by the QA team.

This provides clients with a solid productivity boost going forward. Likely, there is not a set of test cases for the legacy application, so in comparing old against new, a client can consider the fact that they will have a complete set of automated test cases, for the new application. In our current Agile development process, we involve our testing team right at the beginning of the design process, and all the way through the development phase. Ensuring our testers get to know the application well and use that knowledge to create very meaningful test cases.

Macrosoft utilizes the Selenium suite of test tools for web base applications. The Selenium tools are open source that are continually being upgraded. If the client already uses a specific tool or prefers a specific automation testing tool, we try our best to accommodate that option for our testing program.

Please contact us to discuss this option as part of your VFP conversion project.

Benefits of Automated Testing Program in VFP Conversion Projects

Macrosoft employs automated testing tools to generate simple to highly complex test cases. This is used by the client in the final testing of the new application, and benchmark testing requirements as the application evolves.

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