migrate VFP to ASP.NET

Migrate Visual FoxPro to ASP.NET

VFP to .NET conversion is a daunting task for most companies set out on the path to converting their applications. With Macrosoft as the right technology partner, having expertise and experience in .NET conversion, a qualified set of resources who understand both VFP and .NET standards, and a proven transformation strategy is the key to your transformation success.  

Macrosoft has a successful history of migrating legacy VFP application to ASP.NET cloud applications. We have developed a set of home-grown tools to automate the process. SpecGenerator, DBFConverter and Dazzle Framework are Macrosoft’s proprietary tools that reduce the conversion effort by 30%. With these utilities at hand to fast-track conversion, an expert team to lead you through the process and a proven methodology makes us well positioned to deliver seamless VFP to ASP.NET conversion.  

Choosing ASP.NET Platform for Application Conversion

ASP.NET is an ideal platform for migrating to web-based application for many reasons. ASP.NET is established as an industry-standard platform for high-performance enterprise-level web applications. ASP.NET works well with HTML to generate dynamic web pages with server-side execution which is a major advantage for data-intensive applications. ASP.NET is excellent at managing data security with built-in and Windows authentication.  

VFP to ASP.NET Migration Methodology 

With a decade of experience migrating applications, Macrosoft’s migration team has developed a proven 5-step methodology for successful VFP to ASP.NET migrations. 

  • Application Analysis  

An in-depth analysis of the existing VFP application is performed. This includes documenting the overall application such as business rules, project structure, database design, configuration, and application coding standards. 

  • Architecture and Framework 

Based on the analysis findings, we formulate a detailed plan to convert all functional modules of the application to the ASP.NET framework. This plan provides an end-to-end data migration strategy with details of milestones and deliverables. 

  • Application Migration  

The application migration phase combines the use of Macrosoft’s proprietary automation tools and the expertise of our migration team. Our expert programmers use the VFP application analysis documents, and build the new application according to the ASP.NET industry best practices that take full advantage of 4GL language and object-oriented programming. 

  •  Testing  

ASP application code produced by the programmers is then passed onto the QA Team to test design, run-time, and logic. Macrosoft’s QA team creates detailed test cases for functional testing and works with client teams to ensure successful UAT. 

  • Deployment and Training  

Macrosoft collaborates with client teams to set up the necessary infrastructure to deploy the new .NET application. We provide technical documentation with knowledge transfer to facilitate operations. Post-deployment support is also provided to avoid any unforeseen problems. 

Macrosoft’s way of Modernizing your VFP Applications To .NET

Clients mainly opt for two types of VFP transformation – Apples to Apples Conversion or Customization Implementation. This is typically based on the ease of usability or advanced functionality requirements as per their business needs.

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