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Migrating Visual FoxPro legacy applications to modern web application have always put forth a lot of challenges. Here at Macrosoft, we have a success history of migrating very old VFP legacy applications to ASP.NET web applications. We have also developed 3 smart automation tools; SpecGenerator, vDBF Converter, and Dazzle Framework that reduces the overall manual conversion effort by about 30%. Our skilled migration team in combination with the automation tools are well positioned to deliver seamless VFP to ASP.NET migration.

Macrosoft VFP to ASP.NET Migration Strategies

The choice that sets ASP.NET apart as an ideal platform for migrating to a web based applications are many. As ASP.NET is well known for producing high performance interactive, data driven web applications in a managed environment. It is also well equipped in handling web application security, which is another decisive factor when it comes to ensuring data integrity. VFP have good COM interoperability with ASP.NET components facilitating easy creation of ASP.NET web application.

We follow a proven 5-step migration methodology for successful VFP to ASP.NET migrations.

1. Application Analysis – An in-depth analysis of the existing VFP application. This includes documenting the overall application such as business rules, project structure, database design, configuration and application coding standards.

2. Architecture and Framework – Based on the analysis we formulate a detailed plan to convert all functional modules of the application to the ASP.NET framework. This plan provides an end-to-end data migration strategy with details of milestones and deliverables.

3. Application Migration – A combination of Macrosoft’s automation tools and our skilled team of technology experts use their programming skills and business logic to churn out well written codes. We follow industry best practices in defined coding standards that take full advantage of 4GL language and object oriented approach.

4. Testing – Codes generated by the programmers are subjected to rigorous testing to check for design, run-time, and logic errors. Macrosoft’s testing team creates detailed test cases for functional testing and works with your team to ensure successful acceptance and final UAT.

5. Deployment and Training – Macrosoft collaborates with your team to setup the necessary infrastructure to deploy the new .NET application. We provide technical documentation with knowledge transfer to facilitate ease of operations. Post-deployment support is also provided to avoid any unforeseen problems.

Macrosoft’s VFP Analyzer

Would you like to analyze your FoxPro Application for Free? Simply download the VFP analyzer and start your analysis today and generate a summary report.

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The ROI Calculator: This calculator simulates the potential financial return on investment that you could realize by converting your Visual FoxPro applications. we will show you how and why conversion boosts productivity and generate savings within the first year after implementation

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