VFP to .NET Migration
VFP to .NET Migration Proven Success Migrating Business Critical Applications.

VFP to .NET Migration


Visual FoxPro (VFP) is a data-centric, object oriented language that offers developers a robust set of tools for building database applications for desktop, client-server environments, or the Web. With the powerful features of Visual FoxPro 9.0, together with local cursor engine, tight coupling between language and data, developers can build database solutions of all sizes.

End of the road for VFP

Visual FoxPro version 9.0, released in 2007, is the final version of the product. Microsoft announced the FoxPro and Visual FoxPro end of life with this release and will no longer support VFP, instead Microsoft has redirected its development efforts to SQL Server and .NET framework.

Need for VFP Migration

FoxPro and Visual FoxPro has been a dynamic application development platform for lots of medium scale applications. Visual FoxPro 9.0 provides tools for developing high performance, 32-bit database applications and components. However, VFP has shown slowness in business process, especially on multi-user platforms with the increase of database size.

Moreover, the rapid growth of hardware and business to web based and mobile based applications, there is a need for VFP Migration to the new trending technology. Future businesses demands portable and interoperable applications. Also, there is a higher risk of unavailability of VFP developers with VFP being considered as an outdated technology.

All these factors demands the need to migrate Visual FoxPro to .NET to foster the need for better business process, especially on multi-user platforms.

Migrating to .NET Environment

Microsoft .NET Framework provides a large library and language interoperability across several programming languages. Microsoft also provides Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment and Microsoft SQL Server, with which VFP’s relational database ports extremely well.

VFP to .NET migration requires converting VFP applications to new languages in .NET framework, this demands the need for more effort and expertise in both the environments. Visual FoxPro to .NET conversion will pave the way to easily devise future changes and enhancements.

Why choose Macrosoft for your Migration needs?

Macrosoft has a unique pool of professional experts in both FoxPro and .NET environments, whose expertise can leveraged to fulfill your business needs. Our approach for FoxPro to .NET migration ensures smooth, cost effective and efficient migration to .NET framework.

Historically speaking, Macrosoft has developed and supported applications in FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, dBase and Visual dBase to satisfy the business needs for its long list of clients. FoxPro to .NET conversion can be performed with well-organized process to migrate FoxPro to .NET. Also, Macrosoft has expertise pool of resources in .NET environment utilizing Visual Studio, SQL Server, Access and Oracle who are dedicated in developing successful applications and migrations as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Macrosoft’s VFP to .NET Migration Strategy

Visual Foxpro to .Net Migration