DB Analyzer

Macrosoft’s FoxPro Database (DB) Analyzer Tool

Macrosoft’s FoxPro Database (DB) Analyzer Tool

Macrosoft’s DB Analyzer tool enables you to analyze Visual FoxPro (VFP) databases free tables to generate various reports. This tool analyzes the stored procedures, database connections, database event files, tables, fields, indexes, trigger expressions and relations between tables.

 Macrosoft’s DB Analyzer tool is a free utility that determines the volume of your Visual FoxPro database by identifying the number of databases, tables, indexes and fields. It captures the details on referential integrity between key data elements. 

The DB Analyzer tool quickly analyzes every VFP database and free table in the directory. It runs through each database, and list down the objects and properties. Then, it highlights empty or error databases, tables and fields.

During validation, the DB Analyzer tool checks each VFP table to check for errors and ensure the overall integrity.

Above all, the tool generates various reports containing valuable metrics. This includes database report, table report, field report, index report, trigger report and export data report. 

The DB Analyzer tool enables your organization to determine the volume of the VFP database. You can gauge the effort required in migrating your VFP database. 

Download and run the free DB Analyzer tool on your current Visual FoxPro database to see the valuable information it can provide. The tool analyzes your data tables and generate the metrics as a printable report. 

Contact us, to discuss your migration project scope. We can quickly and easily analyze your VFP database and come up with statistics showing a realistic estimate and timeline for migration. 

Download VFP DB Analyzer Tool

Macrosoft’s DB Analyzer tool enables you to quickly analyze your Visual FoxPro databases and free tables to generate various reports containing detailed DB Metrics.

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