ASP Migration Methodology

How to Migrate ASP to ASP.NET

The unique business logic and workflow of the legacy application is a valuable asset and it is incredibly important to translate it into migration requirements. Macrosoft’s approach in migrating ASP to ASP.NET is unparalleled in determining the reusable components of ASP can be preserved versus a complete rewrite.

There are a variety of automation tools in the market that assist in the initial migration process. For instance, ASP to ASP.NET Migration Assistant quickly converts ASP pages to ASP.NET code, but it may not be executable without developer intervention.

Macrosoft’s ASP Migration Methodology balances reusing existing application components, the use of automated migration tools and a custom rewrite for application enhancements. Our hybrid approach enables clients to migrate critical modules, include customization and enhancements to their migration. Therefore, overall application downtime is minimized. Our team focuses on the following considerations leading the clients through migrations:

Macrosoft ASP migration methodology
  • Instead of a complete rewrite, we leverage existing code from the Enterprise libraries, reusable components and application blocks
  • Global user interface elements such as menus, headers, footers, jscript modules, validation functions and data functions are great candidates for as-is porting.
  • In certain cases, a new user interface is created to build a new application experience.
  • Our developers migrate global functions to .NET class libraries.
  • Macrosoft employs a highly professional team, experienced in ASP, VB, Access, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server and the .NET framework. 
  • Equally strong, is the list of clients for whom Macrosoft has developed applications in the .NET framework utilizing Visual Studio, SQL Server, Access and Oracle. 
  • Macrosoft ’s team of software engineers has been successfully developing in this environment for years, as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

With better user authentication, scalability, performance and easier configuration and deployment, ASP.NET stands out as a platform of choice for migrating ASP applications.

5 ASP to ASP.NET Migration tips for any business

When it comes to ASP to ASP.NET migration, legacy code can be migrated gradually, while applying migration  strategies, and running legacy code for a long period of time until a complete migration is achieved.

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