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Calculate ROI on Your VFP Conversion

VFP Conversion ROI calculator simulates the potential financial return on investment that you could realize by converting your VFP applications. In addition, see how and why conversion boosts productivity and generate savings within the first year after implementation. Your new system will transform your business by making your processes more flexible and agile while reducing IT costs.

Contrary to conventional wisdom the conversions we do at Macrosoft, all produce new systems that have greatly expanded functionality and performance, and provide room for significant growth in the future.

Boost Productivity and Generate Savings Within The First Year After Implementation

With Macrosoft’s extensive experience in conversion, we have found a whole slew of ways to improve the conversion process and to make the resultant system ever more robust. Some benefits are:

  • Robust architecture framework for the new system
  • Automated analysis to create pseudo code
  • Using only restful services for the new system
  • Automated testing procedures
  • Automation processes for creating code components

We use automation where it is beneficial, but not to an extent that it leads to unstructured code as the output. While extensive automation can lead to a lower cost of a conversion, the benefit is only illusory—the system it produces will not be useful and maintainable.


    Entering Values in these 13 cells will calculate a ROI Report for your FoxPro. Default values are contained within each cell. Please overwrite with your values Application

    All fields are mandatory. Enter 0 if not applicable. If you don’t know these values, use the FoxPro Code Matrix Utility to analyze your application.

    Estimated Annual Savings

    $ 35000Improved Performance Annual Savings

    $ 35000Improved Maintenance Annual Savings

    $ 35000Improved Development Annual Savings

    $ 35000Low Cost Per Developer

    $ 35000Elimination of Multiple Versions Annual Saving

    Migration Estimates

    $ 35000Line of Code

    $ 35000Screen and Form

    $ 35000Controls

    $ 35000Reports

    $ 35000Total Annual Savings

    $ 35000Total Investment

    Number of month to have total ROI 35000


    Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix -Easy to use utility that enables you to quickly Analyze your Visual FoxPro Application and generate a summary report

    Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix scans the Forms(*.scx), Menus(*.mnx), Class Libraries(*.vcx), Programs (*.prg), includes (*.h), and Reports (*.frx) of your application and generate a detail report
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