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Convert VB6 Code to C#.Net

Macrosoft’s VBMorph Tool is an intelligent utility that converts Visual Basic code and its components to DotNet, C# and Angular.

VBMorph is designed to make VB6 migration projects faster. It understands the VB code and converts it to C# DotNet. It also migrates forms, modules and reports. VBMorph reduces the need for a VB6 expert to perform a detailed analysis. All code converts into classes, forms converted into HTML Angular screens. Proper comments are added to the code where developer work is required.

Unlike other available tools, VBMorph migrates the code in a ready to use DotNet solution. VBMorph significantly increases the speed of a migration and effectively reduces resource requirements. VBMorph is Macrosoft’s next jewel in our arsenal of migration utilities.

The converted code appears in the right-hand pane. Simultaneously error logs are generated in the bottom pane. This is critical to developers and allows them to quickly review and fix the errors.  


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