Visual FoxPro remains very a powerful software programming language.  Unfortunately, back in 2007 Microsoft took the extreme step to end support for this platform.  You may now be left with a quandary of having a great program used by your business that is no longer supported.

Many companies are taking the bold step to modernize to a new platform entirely, but until you make this radical change you need your VFP applications up and running.  Macrosoft can help with our VFP support program.

Macrosoft’s Support Services for Ongoing VFP Applications

Visual FoxPro in the Cloud

Companies around the globe are moving applications into the cloud.  VFP, designed as a desktop deployment, does not easily port to a cloud deployment.  Macrosoft has created a systematic way to virtualize your existing VFP program to the Cloud.

  • Configuring VFP desktop application within a virtualization environment.
  • Providing consultation services for technology adaptation.
  • Setting-up the VFP application as a local environment.
  • Centralizing your application deployments.
VFP Maintenance and Support Services

Microsoft may have retired support but that does not mean your support need has ended.  Macrosoft provides ongoing system support to ensure your application preforms as required to meet the needs of your business.

  • Supporting and maintaining viability of VFP applications.
  • Resolving production issues.
  • Implementing changes and enhancements.
  • Deploying applications, database backup, recovery.
Application Analysis

The first step in supporting an application is knowing what you have.  Experience has taught us that VFP applications were often created by developers that have retired or left the company.  Macrosoft team of VFP experts perform detail analysis of the VFP code and provide technical documentation. Application specification that describe each form, class, program and report in detail. The documents provide facts on each business rule, workflow and logics. This analysis provides clients exactly the technical details and specifications that they require to manage or migrate their system.

  • Developing design specification documents.
  • Documenting business rules.
  • Creating a migration strategy.
  • Understanding screens and reports specification.
Application Integration

The value of any application is enhanced when it can talk to and collaborate with other applications within your operations.  The Macrosoft development team has deep experience linking existing VFP applications across organizations to ensure seamless communications.

  • Integrating VFP application through Web API.
  • Leveraging modern payment gateways to existing VFP programs.
  • Communicating with other ERP systems.

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