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Spec Generator - VFP Documentation Tool

The Idea Behind SpecGenerator

At Macrosoft, many of the VFP applications we have migrated have been in business for over 20 years. Having an application do the heavy lifting for a company for that many years is a true testament to the power of VFP, and to the system builders. Unfortunately, we all know the time has come to convert for a variety of reasons.  

When starting on the migration path, clients often discover that there is little or no specification documentation available for the legacy system. In other cases, the developers who originally built the system are no longer with the company.  

To overcome this challenge one idea is to mine the code and analyze manually to write business rules, identify functionality and capture user interface elements. This turns into a very time consuming and labor-intensive manual task by skilled developers and system designers.  

Macrosoft’s SpecGenerator is a system analysis document generator that creates human readable specification documentation by reading VFP forms, programs and classes code. It generates code analogous to pseudocode to helps developers to read and understand business rules in the VFP application. Developers can understand the design of forms and visual classes with the help of all the business rules, validations and DBF information along with screen shot provided by SpecGenerator.  

Analysis portion will reduce the overall project conversion cost by nearly 18%. 

Macrosoft’s SpecGenerator: 
The System Analysis Document Generator

SpecGenerator provides legacy system documentation and analysis. It is a system analysis document generator that creates human-readable spec documents by reading VFP forms, programs, and classes code.

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