Migration Methodologies

Our Methodologies

Macrosoft migration team has developed a reputation for supporting clients across various verticals with complex migrations, conversions and transformations. We have a proven 5-step migration methodology for successful .NET migrations. Our methodology combines industry best practices, Agile project management, coding standardization and rigorous quality assurance. This ensures smooth transition with zero down-time for your business.  

Macrosoft’s experience and competency in managing large scale application and data migration, provisions end-to-end migration solutions to match the scale of your business. Our structured methodology is proven to reduce risk associated with migration projects of all sizes, while providing the flexibility to customize execution based on key factors in your business. 

Agile Scrum

Macrosoft has championed Agile methodology across the organization for development projects of all statures. Agile is a highly suited methodology as it allows us to establish metrics, define small goals or sprints, define milestones and increase visibility in complex migration projects. The benefit of slicing functionality into sprints is that it allows an early partial release of functionality. This allows for issues to be identified, lessons to be learned much earlier in the process and makes it easier for client teams to perform UAT.

Macrosoft agile scrum migration methdology
Testing methodology

Testing Methodology

Macrosoft is ISO 9001 certified company with focus and commitment to quality in all migration projects. Our Quality Assurance team writes test cases for each screen for functionality, user interface and application business rules. Completed code goes through a rigorous round of unit testing. The team then runs the legacy and converted applications side by side for feature and output match. Upon internal QA signoff, the modules are deployed to the client for UAT. Any issues reported are fixed during the UAT support period. 

Global Delivery Framework

Macrosoft’s global delivery framework encompasses a focus on technical migration skills, Agile project management, proprietary conversion tools, and work structure for seamlessly delivering high quality conversion applications from various global locations. This brings conversion clients a major benefit of cost-saving.

Macrosoft Global Delivery Framework
Macrosoft Dazzle NET Core Framework

Dazzle .NET Core

Dazzle .NET Core 3.0 is Macrosoft’s custom-built, multi-tier, .NET based, ready-to-start-development (RSD) framework. Used in all our VFP conversion projects, Dazzle 3.0 is designed to ensure optimal performance and forward compatibility as new technologies emerge over time.