Macrosoft migration team having successfully supported clients across multiple verticals have developed a proven 5-step migration methodology for successful .NET migrations. Our methodology combines industry best practices, Agile project management, coding standardization and rigorous quality assurance to ensure smooth transition with zero down-time for your business. Macrosoft’s experience and competency in managing large scale application and data migration, provisions end-to-end migration solutions to match the scale of your business. Our structured methodology is proven to reduce risk associated with migration projects of all sizes, while providing the flexibility to customize execution based on key factors in your business.

Determine Migration Scope

Our migration experts work with clients to determine scope, functionality requirements, understand their unique business needs and target technology. We perform a line of code, program function, environment, architecture and infrastructure analysis on the application. We review all available documentation and analyze code to construct a bigger picture of the existing system.


Project Plan

Macrosoft presents a migration strategy to ensure parallel run and a detailed single or multi-phase project plan to convert all critical areas of the application to .NET. Migration strategy varies for each project based on the client requirements and the goal you intend to achieve from the conversion.


Macrosoft converts your application functionality to new .NET based modules. We determine the level of effort required for converting each of the modules giving you an accurate measure of the time frame for completing the migration. Depending on the project complexity, multiple milestone delivery is planned with ample time to allow thorough unit testing.



Macrosoft team creates detailed test cases for functional testing and works with the client team to ensure successful acceptance and UAT. We also perform load tests to ensure system’s optimal performance before final release. For a conversion project, if the new functionality matches the old one, it means that the new application has been fully tested for functional equivalence.

Deployment of New System

Once client team sets up the necessary infrastructure, system is deployed and data is migrated to the new database. New system is handed over to the client ensuring that all functionalities work as expected.


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