FoxPro End of Life

VFP migration inevitable

Microsoft Phased Out FoxPro

FoxPro and Visual FoxPro was a full featured dynamic application development platform for enterprise businesses since the 90s. With an extensive library of pre-defined classes and visual objects, Visual FoxPro 9.0 had all the tools for developing high performance, 32-bit database applications and components. However VFP 9.0, released in December 2004 ended up being the final version of the product.  

With the evolution of technology, businesses must keep abreast with modern technology to ensure future growth potential. Unfortunately, VFP no longer serves that purpose as modern application demand portability, interoperability, device readiness, security, Big Data, regulatory compliance and scalability. 

Additionally, in the recent years there has been a steep decline in VFP developers. Professionals no longer want to focus on obsolete technology and turn their attention to up-and-coming futuristic platforms. Therefore, businesses have a hard time maintaining their existing VFP applications.  

Visual FoxPro Migration allows businesses to digitally transform critical applications to modern technology and has been a proven strategy for business growth. 

The Main Reason Driving the Need to Convert from VFP

Checkout the main reasons why companies decide to migrate their legacy VFP application to the new platforms.

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