Company History

Macrosoft is a market leader in application conversions and custom software development. Supporting clients for over 25 years, we have developed tools, methodology and processes to ensure successful migration projects. 

Macrosoft head office is located in the NYC Metro area in Parsippany, New Jersey. Additionally, we have international development centers in Trivandrum and Lahore. These development centers have an expert focus in application modernization and migration. We have created patented technology to speed error-free development.  Macrosoft has rigorous testing and quality assurance controls in place for all projects. As a result, the new migrated application follows all the rules of the legacy system with error-free performance.

Our Leadership Team has a combined hundred year plus expertise. We ensure that each project receives immediate attention, is delivered on time, while exceeding your expectations. We have the people, processes, tools, and expertise to lead you through the migration journey. 

Core Values 

With over 25 years of successful engagements, and an exceptional client list, Macrosoft remains committed to our core values: 

  • Serving clients with innovative IT solutions on time and within budget, by engaging best in class methodologies and skill sets. 
  • Establishing long-term client relationships with a focus on organizational requirements and an understanding of systems, data, and business processes. 
  • Growing our qualified professional development teams to address the full development life cycle; from business process engineering and system architecture design through final system hosting and maintenance. 
  • Fostering the development of tools and reusable components, critical to client needs to offer rapid solution delivery. 
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