What is GDPR?

Macrosoft has seen our fair share of VFP applications migrations. We help US-based companies operating in the EU modernize their applications, to become GDPR compliant. GDPR is a privacy and security standard that went into effect in 2018, empowering EU residents to control rights over their personal data and transparency of access to information companies hold about them. It enforces obligations for secure data retention and management and a penalty structure for non-compliance. Some of the key requirements of GDPR compliance mandate that: 

Companies obtain the consent of subjects for data retention and processing. Companies must anonymize collected data, ensure privacy and send data breach notifications. There are further detailed compliance items relating to data across borders. California took an important first step forward in advancing privacy protection with the passage of the California

Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which goes into effect on January 1, 2020. A watershed for U.S. privacy law, CCPA was the first law in the United States to include rights inspired by GDPR. 

How GDPR Impacts Your Business

There can be many factors driving the business need for an application migration. New privacy changes associated with GDPR is one such factor for businesses.   Consumers have developed an understanding and expectation about maintaining control over their privacy while benefiting from digital technology. These regulations directly impact how businesses store, retain and secure their data to maintain compliance. The consequence of not being compliant comes with heavy penalties and fines which makes data migration inevitable. Data migrations are often complex and if not done properly, compliance issues arise during the data transfer, syncing, backup and on-going operations. 

Become GDPR Compliant With Macrosoft

Due to the fact, that legacy VFP data can be read by any text editor without any direct way to encrypt it, being GDPR compliant with a VFP application is bordering on the impossible.  

GDPR isn’t revolutionary…it’s evolutionary. At it’s core, GDPR is about better protecting EU citizens and in some ways, making sure companies operating within a modern EU are running modern applications. Contact us to learn more about GDPR and how it affects your business and how you can become compliant in a cost-effective way. 

If you’d like to learn more about the GDPR and how we can help you migrate from a legacy VFP application, download any of our whitepapers or just contact us directly. 

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