Dazzle .NET

Dazzle is our custom-built .Net Foundation Framework that we use in all our legacy migration projects. Dazzle embodies a modern architectural framework and strong building blocks (classes) that provide for a solid foundation.

As we said at the time of introducing Dazzle 1.0:

Every new application we build from a conversion effort needs to have a logical modern architecture and strong building blocks (classes) to stand up with a solid foundation. Macrosoft has developed our home-grown .NET Framework called DAZZLE to provide a ready-to-start development framework (RSD). Macrosoft’s Dazzle reduces time, avoids refactoring, generates a single coding standard, and provides for the reusability of the code. Dazzle’s foundation classes are well tested and developed, based on industry standards.

This gives our developers the confidence to focus on the specific business rules embodied in the Legacy application and allows them to validate their code writing. As a result, they can migrate applications faster and with improved quality.

Dazzle 3.0 has shown to improve the development efficiency by 15%, which is a significant improvement over the previous version of Dazzle framework with 7% efficiency gain. A new version is planned for at least once a year with new feature updates aligned with the new technology trends in the market.  


Macrosoft launches its own custom-build, ready-to-use .Net foundation framework named Dazzle 1.0 in the year 2016. From then, we had released multiple versions with additional features. Now, Dazzle 3.0 is launched at the end of 2021, available with latest trending technologies.

Dazzle 3.0

Dazzle 3.0 is released by upgrading its technology stack and added some new set of technologies to its baseline. The technology stacks available in Dazzle 3.0 are listed below.

Dot Net FrameworkAuthenticationUser InterfaceWeb ServicesDatabase InterfaceLoggingDatabase SupportComplianceTesting
.NET 5 / C# 9.0Form basedAngular 13.0WebAPIADO.NetLog4NetSQL ServerOWASPUnit Tests
 Windows AD MicroservicesDapperSerilog Multilanguage ComplianceSAST with VERACODE & Sonarcube
 Okta Swagger OpenAPI   Stateless Sessions 
 AWS Cognito       

In addition to ready to start project framework, the application features like Login Screen, Forgot Password, New User Registration, Form based Authentication, Windows AD Authentication, Dynamic Menu after authentication are available.

Dazzle Lite 3.0 .NET Download

Dazzle Lite 3.0 .NET is the miniature version of Dazzle 3.0, the Next Generation of our Custom-Built, Ready-to-Use .Net Foundation Framework. It is free to use and download the same to speed up your development.

For more information on Dazzle 3.0 and migration services, contact us today.

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