Spring cleaning your Legacy Applications with .NET Migration

Spring cleaning your Legacy Applications with .NET Migration

By John Kullmann | March 29th, 2017 |

Cleaning up your Technology Stack

It’s time for you to open your closet to start spring cleaning. Similarly from a technology perspective, ask yourself,

  • Do I have old applications that need to be cleaned out and modernized?

Obsolete development platforms prevent legacy technologies from meeting the emerging needs of the tech savvy world. Migration of legacy applications to the latest technologies including .NET and Cloud Computing has become an inevitable. When thinking of new technologies, consider a migration methodology which accommodates your legacy technology without hiccups. The Microsoft .NET platform has become the premier choice for migrating legacy technologies like Visual FoxPro (VFP), Visual Basic 6 (VB6), Classic ASP, and Clipper.

Spring Clean Your Legacy Applications with .NET Migration

The top five reasons why legacy application migration is inevitable:

  • Development and maintenance costs
  • Diminishing pool of skilled resources
  • Difficulty maintaining hardware systems
  • Incompatibility to integrate with new technology systems
  • Inadequate scalability and flexibility

Macrosoft works with globally with companies to migrate their mission critical applications. Migrating legacy applications brings many advantages:

  • Mitigation of business risks and improved system performance
  • Ease of maintenance of supported applications
  • Reduction of ownership costs
  • Minimizing system dependencies
  • Increased data portability
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies
  • Availability of skilled professionals

Macrosoft has processes, methodologies and tools that we used to guide companies migrating older technologies to new platforms. Contact us to learn about our methodology, our process and our tools so that you can be ready not just for today but the future.

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John Kullmann
VP - Technology Solutions at Macrosoft Inc
John Kullmann is Vice President of Technology Solutions at Macrosoft Serving as the executive business contact for clients he is responsible for client satisfaction. Consistently provide excellent customer service to accounts, as well as represent client needs and goals within the organization to ensure quality. Deliver strong and sustainable results, over-coming the many competitive challenges of multiple industries and technologies.
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