How to analyze your Visual FoxPro Application: Code Matrix Webinar – 3 DIY Steps

How to analyze your Visual FoxPro Application: Code Matrix Webinar – 3 DIY Steps

By Joe Rafanelli | February 15th, 2022 |

VFP – A data-centric, object-oriented platform created by Microsoft. It contained the fastest database engine available at the time. Fox Technologies merged with Microsoft in 1992, after which the software acquired further features, plus the prefix “Visual”. Visual FoxPro 3.0, the first “Visual” version, reduced platform support to only Mac and Windows, and later versions 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 were supported by Windows only. These days it is old software and most of its features and metrics are not compatible with unique platforms.

Reason for this webinar – To analyze the VFP application for a comprehensive report containing important metrics concerning lines of codeand maps out the complexities of the application. This information is important to understand the project size, code complexity and duration estimate.

Webinar Contents In this webinar, we have classified all the steps concerning the problem statement, the solution, the 3 DIY steps, the solution Demo & 1 next step.

Problem Statement –  

  • VFP applications can grow over time it’s easy to lose track of what you have.
  • Typically, multiple developers code the application adding line after line.
  • Over time, the coding can become like a ball of string.

The Solution – Code Matrix

For the above reasons, Macrosoft created our Code Matrix utility to remedy all the problems and to potentially reduce the migration cost.

Macrosoft’s Code Matrix tool can provide quick summary reports that can be used for Senior Management discussions. It can also help with data migration issues that causes complexities.

Download CodeMatrix

Download the VFP CodeMatrix Tool to evaluate your legacy Visual FoxPro Application and get vital insights about it.

In addition, it analyzes the entire project and its folders to provide an inventory. Lastly, it provisions to analyze multiple projects within the selected project directory, with a summary report, for multiple projects.

3 DIY Steps in Code Matrix

  • Get a copy of your latest source code without duplicates
  • Download the Free Code Matrix App to your computer link is –                    
  • Follow the instructions to select your files and run the utility.

Explanation of the Demo once the tool is downloaded

Step 1: Select:  the “FoxPro project directory”  

Step 2: Select: “Start the analysis” to receive the high-level summary report 

Step 3: Select: “Matrix Results” to receive the detailed analysis report. 

Once the above steps are completed, the Code Matrix results will be downloaded into excel.  There will be 2 tabs (Detail and Summary). 

VFP CodeMatrix Home Page

In Matrix Results, we can see modules and directory’s actual paths, number of lines of codes without any dupes, and get all the levels of details.

Next step – Application “Deep Dive”

An application “Deep Dive” is a good place to start when sizing your VFP system.  Macrosoft can help by providing the following detailed analysis  

VFP Application Deep Dive

Macrosoft can complete all the necessary steps to refine the FoxPro old application. We create a detailed document with the below information:  

  • Application Inventory – displaying all the list of screens, classes, reports within the VFP project.
  • Modern Application – preparing design themes, and mockup based on a modern UI Framework.
  • 3rd party Tools –identifying all the 3rd party tools and suggests updates for enhancement.
  • Module Breakdown – identify all modules, organizes the migration process, and find similar modules structures that can likely becombined with the new application.
  • Migration Sequence – provide dependency level suggested sequencing.
  • Documentation – provide a combined consolidated list of all DNCs/DBFs in addition to providing the table structure, Entity-relationship Diagram (ERD), and DDL scripts.
  • External Integration – Identify all external integration with the VFP application.
  • Inactive Components – identify all the screens, PRGs, classes, forms & reports that can be retired.

Key points about Code Matrix

All major FoxPro applications are extremely custom. Macrosoft Code Matrix can process all the functionality of the VFP applications.

Macrosoft FoxPro Code Matrix tool is highly useful for your organization, as you explore migration options. Here are some strategies to consider: If your preference is to transition to a web-based application, then use Macrosoft Code Matrix.

Code Matrix: Macrosoft’s FoxPro Code Matrix analyzer tool is easy to use, a one-click utility that provides easy access and the platform to run all the lines of codes.

Download CodeMatrix

Download the VFP CodeMatrix Tool to evaluate your legacy Visual FoxPro Application and get vital insights about it.

Joe Rafanelli
Manager, Technical Solutions at Macrosoft Inc
Joe Rafanelli is the Manager of Technical Solutions at Macrosoft. In this capacity, Joe acts as the single point of contact for Macrosoft’s migration solutions. Additionally, he collaborates with internal technology analysts to understand requirements, work scope, and maintain client relationships ensuring their satisfaction .

Prior to joining Macrosoft in May 2017, Joe had over 25 years of experience in the Banking Industry. Equally, Joe focused on Account Management, Project Management, Implementation Management, and Product Development. Moreover, Joe is excellent at improving the client experience by driving change management projects to completion. Previously, Joe held the following positions in the following institutions: JPMorgan, Citigroup and Brown Brother Harriman.

Joe has B.S. Finance, MBA Investment Finance, Project Management certificate & Database Management certificate.
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